Progressive MS. Issue three (August/ September 2015)

My name is Ian Cook. I am a journalist with progressive MS from the UK who is writing a regular free ezine about progressive MS. Issue three (August/ September 2015) is attached.  I hope you find it interesting.

In this issue are stories about trials for people with primary progressive and secondary progressive MS, some of which are due to report this year. Ocrelizumab is a drug  which is being trialled in PPMS and SPMS and is due to report in 2015. Another drug Masitinib is halfway through its clinical trials and will probably report next year. Both these drugs have already shown some signs of working in progressive MS.

Plus there are two features – one on FES or Functional Electrical Stimulation which uses small pulses of electricity to get your leg muscles working. FES  has been a big help in keeping me walking. There’s another feature on  biotin or vitamin B7 for progressive MS which is a possible new treatment for progression.

So enjoy reading and please send this to all the people with progressive MS that you know, so they can read it and sign up to receive copies sent directly to their inbox.

Best wishes, Ian Cook