Issue 5 of progressive MS ezine

Hi there,

My name is Ian Cook. I am a journalist with progressive MS from the UK who is writing a regular free ezine about progressive MS. Issue five (December 2015/ January 2016) is attached.  I hope you find it interesting.

In this issue is some little reported news about a trial into Tysabri for people with secondary progressive MS. Also there are details of a Panorama programme on BBC1 to be screened on Monday 14 December at  8.30 pmentitled: “Can You Stop My Multiple Sclerosis?”  Sounds interesting.

There’s more too –  a feature looking at cannabis for prog MS. Finally,  look at my thoughts on getting more vitamin D  in Winter..

So enjoy reading and please send this to all the people with progressive MS that you know, so they can read it and sign up to receive copies sent directly to their inbox.

Best wishes, Ian Cook