Brunel University Study

The Centre is supporting a research study being done through Brunel University London.  Posters are displayed at the centre:


Do you have MS?

Are you able to walk on your own (with or without an aid such as a stick or crutches?)

Are you able to participate in physical activity?

Are you interested in being involved in a research project.


If the answer is yes to these questions then Brunel University are conducting a study to look at the relationship between different ways of measuring walking and its impact on everyday life.


The study involves completing a series of questionnaires, a walking test and wearing a pedometer for a week.  You do not need to change any of your daily routines during the study.


If you are interested in knowing more about this study please contact any of the people below who can give you further information.


Sarah Peacock                                                                                     Jennifer Ryan

Physiotherapist/Research Assistant                                                         Physiotherapist/Researcher

Brunel University London                                                                      Brunel University London                                                          

Tel: 01865 268702


This study has been granted ethical approval by College of Health and Life Sciences Ethics Committee, Brunel University London.  The research study is:  “The predictive value of capacity, capability and performance measures of walking ability to predict participation in community dwelling adults with Multiple Sclerosis”.

Participant Information Sheet