ILC Newsletter February 2016


Equipment and Information News from Guideposts Independent Living Centre Team – February 2016

New product, see the Compression Stocking section of our Resource Handbook (see the section under Clothing).

A company in the UK now stock some coloured and patterned lymphedema gauntlets and gloves.  PebbleUK ( 0800 433 4757

Brief details:  Supply a range of compression stockings, flight socks, diabetic support socks.  UK supplier of Lymphedivas’ patterned gauntlets and gloves.

Noozie ( 020 3637 4760 :

Less risk of scalds from boiling water with the electric hot water bottle.  The “bottle” is heated with a charger, so unlike microwaveable products you could reheat it in the bedroom. Useful for going on holiday or staying with friends.  Again you can find details in our Resource Handbook.  Look under the “hot water” bottles in the Bedroom section: Brief details:  Supply pad which is heated to 65 degrees by a portable charger.

The Après Dryer has been an effective tool for drying in the shower

for many years but now Spanish designers Valiryo have brought

out a much sleeker version, the Valiryo Body Dryer which fits

discreetly into a modern bathroom. It has 23 air vents and the warm

air starts automatically as you approach and switches off as you

move away. Supplied in the UK from

Après Dryer = Approx £700.

Ornamin’s range of German designed food preparation eating and drinking equipment. The Oramin Mug has a chunky open hook handle for easy grip and the Thermo Mug Vital is insulated and has a cone shaped interior to enable drinking without head tilt. The Vital range of plates and bowls have a discreet lip for easy scooping and the Wave cutlery range has a high end design look with a nonslip grip. on sale from and Amazon.

Oramin Mug                            Oramin Cutlery

Thermo Mug                           Vital Bowl

Designability: Innovations from Designability like the Blys™ modern light source. It provides low-level lighting that enables access to essential personal possessions during the night without disturbing sleep. It is controlled by a simple touch sensitive panel with choice of light intensities and is waterproof.

Aquarius Hygiene has added the Dual Nozzle bidet which connects to the mains water and theirIntelligent Bidet, which has a dry facility, to their portable Bidet range.

All their bidets fit to an existing toilet and only the mains-connected models

need professional fitting.

Link to video of products


Sliderz a way to move all kinds of heavy and awkward office furniture.

A client with arthritis recently bought Sliderz as they found them useful for moving things around the home and office.

See video clip –

Resource Handbook

Find our updated version on this page of our web-site

New and Updated Holiday factsheets follow this link to our web-site:


One of our visitors has stayed in this hotel, which has been added to our hotel factsheet:


Grants: Following an enquiry about grants from a former boxer and a postal worker, we have added information of a new grant-making trust, to our factsheets: View the ILC grants factsheets.


Resources in the Reminiscence section of the Resource Handbook:

Playlist for Life :

Brief details:  Web-site which gives some tips and ideas of how to create a playlist for someone living with dementia.

Prime Time Videos and Books :

Brief details:  Supply wide range of nostalgic DVDs and books on farming, aviation and transport.


New product information about Platinum Stair lifts (look under the stair lift section in the Mobility section of the Resource Handbook)

Platinum Stair lifts ( 01535 631177 :

“Supply Ergo Space stair lift for narrow curved stairs.  Supply stair lift with Ergo Plus pad which may be suitable for people with shorter legs.”

Accessible housing in the Resource handbook just added this company:

C3modular :

Brief details:  Not a sales company, but provide “pod” style custom designed accommodation.  Design and build an accessible pre-fabricated unit which can be lifted into place and linked onto an existing house. 

Special Effect: We’ve just discovered this national charity, who are based locally: Special Effect ( 01608 810055 :

Brief details:  Based in Charlbury, Oxfordshire.  Special Effect is a games charity that specialise in creating customised controllers set ups to help people to play video games.

Free To A Good Home: One of our clients has kindly donated an electric wheelchair.  It is a Wheeltech Energi.  If this second hand wheelchair is of interest, please contact the ILC.  You would need to be able to collect it from our centre.  It is too heavy to lift into the boot of a car.

Useful numbers below to copy into your telephone book:


Red Cross Head Office 01235 552660


Hire and short-term loan of equipment e.g. manual wheelchairs
Social & Health Care 0845 050 7666 New referrals
Emergency Duty out of hours


0800 833408
Carers Oxfordshire 0845 050 7666 Carers supporting someone in Oxfordshire.
Attendance Allowance


0345 605 6055


Tax-free benefit for people aged 65 + who need help with daily living.
Personal Independence Payments (previously DLA) Note change of numberPersonal Independence Payment.


0800 917 2222
Text phone: 0800 917 7777
Monday to Friday, 8am to6pm
(PIP) helps with some of the extra costs caused by long-term ill-health or a disability if you’re aged 16 to 64
South & Vale Carers 01235 510212 Support to carers living in South Oxfordshire and the Vale areas
Sensory Impairment


01865 894935


Duty team for Low Vision or Hearing  Mornings only
Millbrook 0333 999 0870 Equipment which has been loaned to you by Social Services. To check equipment delivery or pick up.
Community Bladder and Bowel Service



01865 904303 Community Bladder and Bowel Service for all adults with bladder and bowel issues.


Wheelchair Service 01865 227600 You may be eligible for a wheelchair through this scheme, referrals via your GP.
Ace Centre – Information Day Appointments:


Speech Therapists who specialise in Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) and Assistive Technology (AT), with core specialist services to support communication.

South: Cassington, Oxfordshire


01865 759 800


ACE Centre

The Stables

Jericho Farm Barns



OX29 4SZ

We can offer a free one hour appointment with a member of our team on one of our monthly information days. These appointments can be used for:

Clarifying the needs of the individual in relation to potential applications and uses of Assistive Technology

Establishing the team who will support the individual using Assistive Technology – professionals, parents and carers can all attend this appointment.

Discussing possible resources and strategies in relation to the individual’s needs

Considering loans of equipment for the individual to trial.

Sensory Smiles – Children and Adults.


Tim Hooper is the project manager and would be pleased to the equipment.


01993 893560 Sensory equipment can be borrowed for just £8-00 per day.


A good resource for individual families, daycentres and groups.




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