It’s MS Awareness Week 2016!


As part of our work to raise awareness about MS, we’ve created a brief online survey to find out how aware people are of MS and its impact.  We’d appreciate it if you could send the link to all your members, post on social media pages and websites, and ask others to do the same.  We’d like to have as many responses as possible, from a wide demographic, so the MSNTC trustees will be sending to family and friends and we’d encourage you all to do the same.


The survey only takes a couple of minutes so please, share share share! We’ve provided some suggested text for social media but please feel free to adjust as necessary for you/your centre, and of course when individuals are posting this on social media they can tailor it for friends and family.


Here’s the link to the survey:


Suggested text for Twitter: It’s MS Awareness Week! Find out how MS Aware you are by completing and sharing this short survey:


Suggested text for Facebook:  It’s MS Awareness Week! Find out how MS Aware you are by completing this short survey from MS National Therapy Centres (MSNTC): Please share it on your social media pages or via email with family and friends.  Find out more about MSNTC at


The survey will close on Friday 6th May, after which we’ll collate responses and let you know the outcomes.


Do let me know if you have any questions.