“MS doesn’t stop me, it just makes me do things a little differently”

Source MS Trust: When Emma was diagnosed with MS aged 27, she admits it was a ‘devastating’ time. But, 10 years later, she is determined to focus on the positives.  In this blog, Emma writes about her MS diagnosis, life as a farmer, and why she won’t let MS beat her. 

I always thought I was fairly indestructible. Growing up on a busy dairy farm with two brothers, meant that you had to be. This was until I awoke one morning with a numb hand.  I was 27 and working in London at the time. I just thought that I had slept on it funny. 

Three weeks later, I was admitted to the hospital after my left-hand side had completely shut down. I underwent a comprehensive set of tests and scans, MRIs and a lumbar puncture. My diagnosis was conclusive. Three telltale scars on my brain and MS cells in my spine. I couldn’t believe it. My family and I knew very little about the disease but the mor