Home Exercise film 6 now ready

Play now Dear Readers,
Our 6th Home Exercise film is now available: Strength & Balance with Lucie Bowley.

This session was recorded at home after lockdown and edited by us, which is why it looks a little different to the previous films.
In this easy to follow class you will warm up your whole body, do an endurance section to work your heart and then finish with some stretches to cool down. 
You won’t need any equipment apart from a sturdy chair and some water to drink!

The orange button will take you directly to the video.

We always enjoy hearing from people how they are getting on with the films, or if you would like to take a short film of yourself doing the exercises we would love to see that too! Our colleagues at Age UK national (London) have asked if we have anything we could send them to use nationally to show what people are doing around the country to stay active whilst at home. This can help us to make the case for receiving additional funding.  If you would like to send any feedback or a film clip, please send it to gg@ageukoxfordshire.org.uk

Please do feel free to share these emails and films with anyone you think would enjoy them!

With very best wishes,
Generation Games
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