Staying Healthy: MS and Diet

The government has recently launched a campaign to get everyone to be as healthy as they can be. A big part of this is diet. But for people with MS is following a special diet beneficial? 

This is quite a controversial area. Some people swear by the diet they follow or supplements that they take but others who follow the exact same diet may have no benefits or may have unwanted side-effects. Like with most things in the MS world, different things benefit different people. 

Both the MS Society and the MS Trust agree that diet is a controversial topic and this is largely due to the lack of research due to its complexity. Below we have some of the different pieces of information that are available on the topic. As always we always recommend checking with your healthcare provider before making changes and always question where your information comes from.  

The National MS Society (that’s the American one) has produced information along with an informative short film: 

The MS Society has produced a comprehensive Diet and Nutrition booklet covering many different areas:

The MS Trust interviews dietitian Dr. Conor Kerley who focuses on the immune system. He discusses red wine, coffee, iron and Vitamin D among other things:

The MS Society summarises different special diets here: