Oxygen tank update

We are now fully operational and running at full capacity, ie, 6 people, in the chamber. 


Because the office is not manned every day, please DO NOT cancel your appointments by email, please leave a message on the answerphone.  Please also book appointments by telephone.


Membership needs to be paid BEFORE and therapies are taken, payment details are on the membership form.

The diary is open for bookings as follows:

MS members– 6 weeks, All other members – 3 weeks

PRIORITY WILL BE GIVEN TO MS PATIENTS – you may be asked to change your appointment to accommodate an MS member.

It is understood that some sessions have limited availability, please share.  If a favoured time is required by more than one person, please alternate your bookings to give each other the benefit.  Similarly, double sessions may be reduced to a single to accommodate more peoples’ needs.


Appointments (including oxygen) cancelled within 24hrs will incur full donation as all therapists will still expect payment.  Appointments made for a Monday, please try and cancel the Friday before, it is too late to rearrange appointments for the therapist.

NB: volunteers for oxygen sessions have to be organised and notified well in advance of the session.  Because we are carrying out far more oxygen sessions is has become an increasingly time consuming task to rearrange sessions and people.

Obviously donations for missed appointments will be discretionary as to individual circumstances.