MS-UK Webinar: Seated exercise – getting the best from exercise in sitting

Join MS-UK for their last online information session of the year on Monday 20 December at 2pm. Dr Gretchen will be showing how to use seated positions for exercise as an advantage and making it a challenging alternative to standing. Sounds the perfect accompaniment to our seated classes!

It will focus on seated exercises, demonstrating how using a seated position to practice exercises can be a good alternative to standing. The session is for everyone, so whether you want to add variation to your current exercise routine and perform some new challenging exercises from sitting or you are a wheelchair user and want to know some great exercises to work the core and upper body, then please join us for this session. 

Dr Gretchen will first start the session by explaining the different positions you can exercise in when sitting. The purpose of this is to demonstrate the many options available to you that is not just the typical position of standing but using the position of sitting as an advantage rather than a compromise. Most people think standing is the best position for exercise, but that’s not necessarily true! 

Secondly, Dr Gretchen will talk about why you would want to perform exercises in a seated position (i.e. improved quality of movement, reduced or increased level of difficulty, reduced pain and discomfort). They will also talk about how to position yourself for success for seated exercises (i.e. sitting up tall vs. reclined) and how changing your body position can get better results.

Dr Gretchen will then run through different seated exercises that will work on core strength, cardiovascular fitness, upper body strength and also lower body exercises.

Session overview

  • Exercise positions –standing vs sitting positions
  • When and how to adapt – reducing / increasing the difficulty
  • Seated exercise demonstrations – types of exercise

The session will finish with time for questions and answers with Dr Gretchen.

Find out more and sign up at:…. If you need help registering, contact MS-UK by emailing

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