Your last chance for free donations

Did you know, the average Give as you Live Online member raises around £25 a year?Many raise more than that – our most loyal members often raise over £100 a year – meaning 10 new supporters could raise you £1000 a year!
So, to help you receive even more vital funds from your supporters’ online shopping throughout Autumn, Black Friday and Christmas, we’re offering an extra £1 donation for every new person who signs up to support you by the end of August. More supporters = more FREE funds for THE M.S. THERAPY CENTRE (OXFORD) LTD – it’s a no-brainer!
 How to earn £1 for every new supporter:Download the brand-new Sign Up Incentive campaign from your toolkit today. Don’t forget to copy the link provided.                                                              Share the campaign and link in your email communications and on your social media. NB: Do not change the link in any way – this is important so that we can accurately pay your free donations.                                      We’ll do the rest – in September we’ll count up all the sign ups and add £1 for each new sign up to your account DOWNLOAD CAMPAIGN >