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Book your appointments NOW

All therapies are open again from next Monday 12th April.  The gym needs to be booked as social distancing is still in place. Book your appointments now!!


   £0.00 Raised this month  £859.10 Raised in total  0 New supporters  42 Total supporters     £21.20 was raised in March!   It’s a new month and there are new ways for your supporters to help raise FREE donations for your cause. We’ve put together tools for you to help spread the word. This month let supporters know how they can raise when they do some DIY… Read more »

UK to test existing drugs as treatment for MS in world-first trial

Doctors in the UK are to launch a world-first clinical trial to assess whether drugs already on the market can prevent multiple sclerosis (MS) from worsening over time and even reverse the disabilities it causes. The groundbreaking Octopus trial, so named because of its various arms, will allow researchers to investigate the potential benefits of… Read more »

Easter Raffle Winners

Easter Raffle was drawn today, thank you to those who donated chocolate.  We raised £130.  Winners: Sue! Andy Gower John Day Susan Watson Angela Day Gloria McLaughlin Laura Hall Gladys Marr Thanks to Andy for doing the draw.

Staying Smart

Staying Smart is for people who want to learn more about how MS can affect thinking. Not everyone with MS will experience cognitive difficulties. But for those who do, information can be hard to find. “Cognition” is the general word that covers all aspects of thinking. It includes memory, concentration and planning. Cognition problems in everyday… Read more »

Not all disabilities are visible

Wearing the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower discreetly indicates to people around the wearer including staff, colleagues and health professionals that they need additional support, help or a little more time. Since its launch in 2016, it has now been adopted globally by major airports and venues and in the UK, by many supermarkets, railway and coach… Read more »

Accessible garden design advice

Accessible garden design advice from Mark Lane, BBC Gardeners’ World presenter and wheelchair user. “As a garden designer, I love the process of pulling together ideas, drawing up concepts, creating planting plans and selecting materials to use. I trained to become a garden/landscape designer; but I completely understand that faced with a blank canvas, an… Read more »

How did you sleep last night?

Poor sleep is common in people with multiple sclerosis, with about 50% of people with MS reported to experience some form of sleep disturbance. Despite this being well known, sleep disorders are under-diagnosed and under-treated in people with MS. Poor sleep quality and quantity can impact daily life, causing daytime sleepiness, decreased concentration and memory, worsening depression,… Read more »