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How the sunflower lanyard helped me travel with invisible symptoms

Source MS Society: I find travelling stressful. Having to deal with invisible symptoms from MS has made it harder. I worry about being judged by other people if I need assistance when I may look fine. The sunflower lanyard scheme, being used across UK airports, has improved my confidence in air travel. Making hidden disabilities visible… Read more »

Everyone’s MS is different

Source MS Trust:  What’s causing my symptoms? Multiple sclerosis can cause a wide variety of symptoms, listed below. All of these symptoms can be experienced in other conditions. In MS, the exact position of the damage to your nerves relates to the symptoms you experience, which means that each person’s experience of MS is different…. Read more »

Dive Ability

Dive Ability: Welcome to Dive AbilityScuba diving for people with disabilities and disadvantages. Scuba diving can be enjoyed by virtually anyone, regardless of physical ability. In fact, if you have a disability, scuba diving can offer you a unique sense of freedom by transporting you into a world of weightlessness and unlimited intrigue. Visit tropical coral… Read more »

Respite care information from Independent Living

Source Independent Living: If you are taking care of another person, both of you need a break from time to time, for the sake of your physical and mental wellbeing. Respite care is any break from your job as a carer, whether it involves the person you care for going away for a few hours to… Read more »

Detailed Genetic Map Implicates Broad Immune Cell Involvement in MS, Reports Risk Variant in X Chromosome

Source Multiple Sclerosis News Today: A new large-scale genetic map implicates broad immune system dysfunction in patients with multiple sclerosis (MS), suggests a key role of brain immune cells called microglia, and indicates an MS-related gene variant located in the X chromosome. Altogether, the findings — the result of the largest reported study of MS to date — provide… Read more »

Priority Services Register for vulnerable energy customers

uSwitch – The Priority Services Register was recently broadened by Ofgem to help as many vulnerable energy customers as possible. Find out if it could help you with this guide from uSwitch. What is the Priority Services Register? The Priority Services Register (PSR) is a free and voluntary system that your supplier uses to ensure the… Read more »

100 club winners September

100 club winners September: No 4: Julia GowerNo 6: Sue DoranNo 27 John Day Please ask reception if you are interested in joining our 100 club, it’s just £5 a month.

Sad News

Sad news.  Ian (John) MacKay, our physiotherapy for many years,  sadly passed away on Friday 23rd August.  Ian started working at the centre in April 1976 and only retired a few years ago.  His health deteriorated over the last year and after falling and breaking his hip a few month ago and getting an infection, he… Read more »