Computer needed for reception desk

We are in desperate need for a new computer for the reception desk.  It is soooooo old and sooooooo slow and my reception staff are getting very frustrated!  So if you are feeling generous or you know someone else who might be then please please bear us in mind. 

Thank you 

Christmas Opening Times

Christmas opening hours 2018 - Fordhouses Cricket Club

Open as usual until……..

Friday 24th Closed

Monday 27th – Tuesday 28th Closed

Wednesday 29th Massage all day

Thursday 30th     Oxygen at 10am

Friday 31st     Oxygen at 10am & massage all day

Monday 3rd January Closed

From Tuesday 4th January Open as usual

Easyfundraising – how to instructions

Either go to on web brower, or download Easy Fundraising App then click on Support a Cause, type Multiple Sclerosis Therapy Centre Oxfordshire into the search box.  Then click on Support this Cause (for the first time you will need to register a login, and then you can set up your favourites so you don’t have to go through this process each time).

You will then be able to select which shop you want to use, eg ebay, John Lewis, M&S, click on that and it will take you directly to your ebay page.  Then it’s shopping as normal!

Wallingford Accessible Boat Club

We are looking forward to trying to organise something next year.

Charity number: 1179179 

Getting disabled and elderly people out on 

the River Thames 

For nature watching, picnicking, fishing or just leisure  boating on the Wallingford stretch.  

Come and enjoy. Meet our Staff  

Team – they couldn’t be friendlier. 

A big welcome awaits you and a trip  

on the glorious River Thames. 

All outings are free of charge – but  

donations large or small welcomed. 


Tel: 0300 365 3655 

Our season: April to September 

(Weather & river conditions permitting). 

We are looking forward to trying to organise something next year.

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Temelimab: Early clinical trial suggests potential for remyelination

Results from an early-stage clinical trial suggest that temelimab may promote remyelination and prevent loss of nerve cells.

Information from the MS Trust website: 

The study in brief

Current disease modifying drugs can reduce damage to myelin but can’t stop it completely or repair damage that has already happened. Laboratory studies have indicated that a potential new treatment, temelimab, could promote remyelination. Its potential in people with MS has been assessed in an early clinical trial.

270 people with relapsing remitting MS were recruited. They took one of three doses of temelimab or placebo, given as an intravenous infusion every four weeks. After 24 weeks, people in the placebo group switched to one of the three temelimab doses while those who had started on temelimab remained on their original dose. Treatment continued for up to 96 weeks.

At 24 weeks, there was no difference in the number of active lesions between the three doses of temelimab and placebo. At the end of the study, people who had taken the highest dose of temelimab throughout had fewer T1-hypointense lesions. This type of lesion, also known as a black hole, is associated with MS disability and progression. There was also a reduction in brain tissue loss and improvement in MRI markers of remyelination.

These results suggest that temelimab has little effect on the inflammatory MS activity which is responsible for relapses. However, its effect on MRI markers suggest that it may promote remyelination and prevent loss of nerves. Researchers have set up another study to evaluate temelimab further; this study is underway and results are expected in the first half of 2022.”

You can read more on the MS Trust website here:

New study shows link between smoking and MS

New research into the impact of smoking on multiple sclerosis (MS) has found that quitting smoking may cause a slowing of mobility deterioration to match the rate of progression in people who’ve never smoked.

Previous studies have shown that smoking can make MS worse. It’s associated with a faster accumulation of disability and could accelerate the transition from relapsing to secondary progressive MS. This study provides further data that smokers’ mobility deteriorates more quickly, compared with non-smokers. This is independent of anxiety and depression – two factors also thought to influence motor deterioration.

Find out more here:…