Medical Cannabis To Be Available On Prescription ‘Within Weeks’

Source Huffington Post: Medical cannabis will be available on prescription in the UK within a month, according to The Telegraph.

The Home Office is expected to announce the “rescheduling” of cannabis-derived medicines in Parliament within a fortnight, lifting restrictions which mean that until now it has only been allowed in the most exceptional circumstances within a matter of weeks.

Under the new rules, those suffering chronic pain, severe epilepsy or nausea as a result of chemotherapy could be prescribed the drug by specialist doctors.

There are an estimated 28 million people living with chronic pain in the UK, including those suffering from conditions such as arthritis and multiple sclerosis (MS).

The MS Society said that 10,000 people suffering from that condition alone could benefit from the treatment.  Read on.

Physical Activity Decreases Vascular Comorbidities in Multiple Sclerosis

Source Neurology Advisor: Increased levels of physical activity may lead to decreased vascular risk profiles in patients with multiple sclerosis, according to a literature review published in Multiple Sclerosis and Related Disorders.

Researchers in this review searched for published articles in 5 major databases for studies involving physical activity, sedentary lifestyles, or exercise training and the impact these factors have on vascular comorbidities in patients with multiple sclerosis.  Read on.

Benefit errors trigger £5,000 refunds

Source BBC: Assessors wrongly calculated the income of thousands of people during the process that resulted in people moving from incapacity benefit and severe disability allowance onto ESA.

Tens of thousands of people on sickness benefits will receive backdated payments averaging £5,000 following government errors.

The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) has revealed it is paying more than £1.5bn due to the mistakes.

Some people have already received payouts of more than £10,000.

The mistaken calculations were made when people were moved on to the main sickness benefit, the Employment and Support Allowance (ESA).

The errors were first revealed by BBC News in November, but the scale of the underpayments has now emerged.  Read on.

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“Diagnose and adios”. This was the phrase used to describe the management of multiple sclerosis (MS) up until the mid-1990s

Source MS Trust: The Risk Sharing Scheme: What is it and how has it made a difference for people with MS?

Diagnose and adios

“Diagnose and adios”. This was the phrase used to describe the management of multiple sclerosis (MS) up until the mid-1990s.

It’s hard to fathom today, but back then neurologists had little to offer people with MS by way of drugs and treatments and many were left to deal with complex and unpredictable symptoms alone.  “Neurologists routinely told people like me ‘You’ve got MS – go home and learn to live with it’,” MS Trust co-founder Chris Jones remembers.

The landscape was bleak. MS specialist nurses were few and far between, research into the condition was limited and, understandably, hope was in short supply.  Read on.

Get around with these apps for accessible travel

Source Independent Living: Travelling around the UK is certainly not easy for wheelchair users. Many wheelchair users have, in fact, faced prejudice while attempting to get around independently.

Comedian, Tanyallee Davis, recently suffered and expressed her humiliation on a train journey during which the driver insisted she move from the disabled space she was rightfully occupying, to make way for a woman boarding with a pram.

Unfortunately, the situation escalated to the point where she was taken more than 50 miles away from her destination.

Situations such as this only highlight the need for accessible venues and spaces. With that in mind, Karma Mobility – specialist suppliers of powered wheelchairs – are sharing their greatest apps for accessible travel.  Find out more here.