Skills – We need your help!

Please let Sue know what skills you can offer, so we know who to ask for help.

Maybe you could approach your Rotary club and ask them to organise an annual event for us, or you could have a cake sale at your home, or maybe your know someone else who belongs to a club who can organise an event for us?

Perhaps you have family or friends who could help?


Gym Project Update June 2013

In excess of £23,000 needed to fund the whole project:

£9,000 applied for from Postcode Lottery

£2,000 Oxfordshire Community Foundation

Doris Field Charitable Trust – awaiting application form

£10,000 Gannett Foundation

Carers: Prepared to Care

Guideposts Trust Independent Living Centre, Carers Oxfordshire and Abingdon Health & Wellbeing Centre Open Day.

Wednesdy, 5 June 2013 10am – 3pm

Many organisations will be attending including The Oxfordshire Community Bladder and Bowel Service.

Spend and Raise

OMSTC is now registered with ‘Spend and Raise’

What does this mean?

Which means when you shop online you can help provide the centre with commission paid from many of the retailers registered with the scheme.

Its’s easy!

1. Click on this link

2. Search the A-Z list of retailer

3. Purchase your item/s

4. Commission will get automatically paid to the centre

Spend And Raise - Multiple SclerosisPlease share the link with as many friends and family as possible, the more they spend the more we raise!

University of Oxford Research

A research team at the University of Oxford are researching the effects of sharing online patient information. They wish to find the best ways to incorporate people’s experiences into health websites. They would like your help to find out whether the questions are easy to understand and accurately reflect the effects of using health websites.

If you would like to take part, have any questions or require further information please contact  Laura Kelly at


OMSTC 100 Club

We are delighted to tell you about the launch of a new fundraising scheme to support the centre. OMSTC 100 is a lotto with fantastic odds, and once set up  it requires no time or effort on your part. Paid up members can buy one or more numbers which are entered into twelve monthly draws. There are no running costs, so a guaranteed 50% of all income is awarded as cash prizes, and all the rest goes straight towards the running of the centre. With numbers costing only £5 each per month, the income from just 100 sales builds a prize fund of £3000 a year, with the same amount going to help fund the centre. With three prizes a month, the odds are extremely good.

Signing up is easy please contact Sue for an application form.

Oxford Fun Run

A huge thank you to David Harsant, his daughter Alice and Sarah-Jane’s friend Lucy for running in the Oxford Fun Run.


They hope to have raised over £500.00 – well done!!!!!!!!!

Recycle 4 Charity

Recycle 4 Charity accept old mobile phones, empty Inkjet Cartridges (not Epsom) and Laser or Toner Cartridges. Please place in Recycling Box.

MEPC Cake Sale – thank you for donated cakes

Thank you to everyone who donated home-made and bought cakes and biscuits for the cake sale at MEPC on Friday 3rd May.  It was a great success and we raised £200, so a big big thank you to everyone!