Don’t forget your raffle tickets

Last week of raffle ticket selling – don’t forget to get your tickets:

1st prize – Lovely Hamper from

2nd prize – ‘Best of Mrs Bridges’ including chutneys, jam, mustard, salsa

3rd prize – Farmers Market Cottage Delights selection box

4th prize – 2 bottles of wine donated by MEPC Management

5th prize – Hand painted ‘Turtle Doves’ on wood by Nandi Ablett (ms member)

£5 a strip, if you can’t get in let Sue know and she’ll put some by for you.

£5 bonus for each new supporter that signs up!

 There’s still time to raise more donations before Christmas.Every new supporter who signs up to support Multiple Sclerosis Therapy Centre Oxfordshire before December 18th will earn a bonus £5 donation!*More supporters mean MORE donations for your cause. Share the message below to sign up new supporters and start earning bonus donations.

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Christmas Opening Times


Monday 21st                  Oxygen 10.30

Tuesday 22nd                  Oxygen 10.30 and 11.30                  Physio, 9-12

Wednesday 23rd               Massage 9-5

Thursday 24th                     Osteopath 9.15 – 1.15                      Oxygen 10.30

Tuesday 29th                  Oxygen 10.30 and 11.30

Wednesday 30th            Massage 9-5

Thursday 31st                 Osteopath 9.15 – 1.15                      Oxygen 10.30

Friday 1st January         Oxygen 10.30

Potential Covid-19 vaccine: what does it mean for people with MS?

Naturally the talk of two potential vaccines for Covid has been met with much enthusiasm across the world. But will it be MS-compatible? 

The MS Trust is being asked questions about what it means. Trying to make sense of it they spoke to Professor Alasdair Coles, a consultant neurologist based at Addenbrooke’s in Cambridge. 

It is definitely worth reading the whole article. It is not that long and Professor Coles and the  MS Trust have done a really great job of writing in detail without getting too technical. 

You can find the article here:

If you don’t want to read the whole article here are two highlights:

‘Would a Covid-19 vaccine be safe for all people with MS? Are there any risks? 

Having MS by itself does not mean that you shouldn’t take the vaccine. There’s no concern that a vaccine will cause MS, trigger a relapse or make your symptoms worse. I would really encourage everyone with MS to look forward to taking this vaccine, unless they’re told that they shouldn’t have it because of the drugs they’re on. There are some disease-modifying drugs (DMD) that are used to treat MS which would make some vaccines either unsafe or ineffective.’  

‘Any final thoughts? 

There’ll be two clear effects of finding a successful vaccine for people with MS. One is that the more people who take this vaccine, the more it will reduce the number of people who can be infected by Covid-19. Therefore the overall infection rate will decrease, reducing the chance of someone with MS being exposed to someone who has Covid-19. Secondly, people with MS will be offered the vaccine at some point in the future and, if it’s effective for these people, then they will have direct immunity against Covid-19.’ 

Make yourself a cup of tea and have a read here:

Coronavirus advice for people with MS

With the Covid guidelines frequently changing, what actually is the advice for people with MS?

Here is a list of reliable webpages where you can get the most up to date advice.

MS information

MS Society:…?

MS Trust:…


Gov UK:


To request a test:…

Local council

Oxfordshire Council:


‘Please give me space’:

Enable magazine

Introducing the November-December issue of Enable magazine.
We’re so excited to share our final issue of 2020 with you and would
love for you to share the magazine with your network.



As we come into the final months of a strange year, and parts of the UK return to lockdown, feelings of isolation and mental illness may be amplified. We tackle loneliness this issue, speak with experts on how to understand anxiety, before connecting with charities looking at the positive changes the pandemic can make on their services. Plus, we speak with Doddie Weir and Strictly star JJ Chalmers, carers, and look at the virtual festive events for your diary. Enjoy the read, and we’ll see you in 2021!

Christmas Raffle Tickets

Christmas Raffle Tickets are now available.

Tickets £5 a strip.

1st prize – Hamper from, plus other fabulous prizes. 

It’s been a difficult year for the centre and for all our members. So please support the centre by purchasing some raffle tickets and win a beautiful prize.

It will be much appreciated!!!

Draw to take place week before Christmas. 

If you can’t get in, phone Sue and she will get some tickets for you and you can pay another time.