Easter Raffle

Thank you to those that bought tickets for the Easter raffle.  The draw took place on Friday and the winners were:

Large Egg –  Philip Hicks

Small Egg – Nandi Ablett

Happy Easter everyone!

100 club winners for March

Dave Webb 1st prize

Barbara Sleeman, 2nd prize

Joel Baldwin, 3rd prize

sharing a prize fund of: £87.50


You’ve got to be in in to win it!!

How do families affected by MS manage health information

Source MS Trust: Couples and families develop their own unique ways of dealing with an MS diagnosis. A recent UK study looked at how different family units affected by MS, cope with receiving MS health information. 

In this study, UK researchers wanted to understand how couples and families affected by MS cope with health information.

The researchers analysed interviews with 77 people affected by MS – 12 people with MS, 49 partners or spouses, 7 parents, 5 children, 2 siblings and 2 friends. Read the report here.

The relief of diagnosis

Source Multiple Sclerosis Net: Being diagnosed with an incurable, chronic illness such as Multiple Sclerosis is never a pleasant experience. However, for many people, getting that final confirmation creates an extreme sense of relief.

That sounds pretty peculiar to many people, as getting a diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis is not an easy process. With no single test to determine the presence of the disease, symptoms that can mimic other illnesses, and doctors that may not be well qualified enough, the road to an MS diagnosis can be a long and uncertain one. After a long journey like that, finally understanding what is wrong with you can bring about a sense of calm and peace, despite what the future may hold.  Read on.

The MS kids are alright

Source MS Trust: How your children will cope with your MS, is an ongoing concern for the majority of parents following diagnosis. Here Martin Baum, who was diagnosed with MS over 20 years ago and his son Josh, discuss how they coped and the impact it has had on them over the years.

Many years ago, when our son was about four or five, my wife and I were given a booklet.  It was called, I think, My dad has MS, or something like it.  It was a guide to help a child understand the complexities of having a parent living with Multiple Sclerosis.

As far as it went, it did exactly what it said on the front cover by explaining about the effects of MS in a child-friendly way.  This was something we appreciated greatly.  After that life, as they say, carried on while we tried our best not to make a big deal about my relapses no matter how much my MS was impacting upon our family life, 

The last thing we wanted to do was to add to his growing pains.  Life’s hard enough for a child as it is but, nevertheless, we never hid anything.  We tried to be as honest as we felt we could about why dad didn’t go bike riding or have a kick around in the garden.  This was his normality.  This was our reality.  Read on.

More sad news

Sue Alexander from Cholsey passed away last Thursday (husband Chris).  Sue had not been at the centre for quite a few years but used to be a regular on a Thursday having oxygen.   I do not have any details about funeral arrangements yet.  

Great holiday venue for disabled people and carers

One of our disabled members (in a wheelchair) has recently come back (and went last year) to a Revitalise Holiday.    They cater for every type of impairment including MS, Stroke, Dementia, Parkinsons and many more.  They have specially designed accessible excursions, live entertainment and daily activities supported by CQC-regulated care support.  They have three locations in Southampton, Chigwell and Southport. If finding money is difficult funding could be available.  2019 brochures are available at the centre.  If you book a holiday 30 days from the date of the letter I have (14th March) and you quote code BR19 you will receive £150 discount (new guests only).  For more information about Revitalise visit www.revitalise.org.uk

AGE UK – disability exercise class

AGE UK – disability exercise class:

White Horse Leisure Centre, Abingdon

1-2 on a Monday

Wheelchair users welcome, bars available for stability and chairs


Cafe and parking onsite.

Pilates Class for people with MS

There is an open morning for Stott Pilates next Tuesday 19th ( no charge for the open morning).  The class is from 12.30 to 1.30 pm. For individuals with MS, the class is subsidised by West Oxfordshire MS society. For anyone else who is attends, it is £10 per session. 

The instructor is very experienced, and has done a course on working with people who have MS. Address: Oxfordshire  Pilates Ltd, Balance studio, Bridge Street Mill, Witney, OX28 1YH.