Help us to raise funds from the comfort of your own home by recycling

Did you have a Spring clean this year? If not, now is the perfect time. Do you have unwanted items and don’t know what to do with them?  Recycling for Good Causes help us raise much needed funds by recycling donated items that are no longer of use.

How does it work?

By taking up a recycling project you can clear out your unwanted items and help raise funds for the Centre. It’s free, easy to do and there’s no long term commitment.  All it takes is a phone call (free of course). You’ll be sent a sack to fill with your unwanted items. Then phone again when you’re ready for collection. It’s that simple!

We can recycle all of the following, even damaged or broken:

  • Jewellery (any material, wearable or broken)
  • Watches
  • Used stamps
  • Gadgets (mobile phones, cameras, Satnavs, game consoles, tablets, MP3’s etc.)
  • Unwanted currencies (all those foreign coins and banknotes from your holidays, no matter how old)

You’ll be sent everything you need to start your free recycling project.

Contact Recycling for Good Causes:

Vitamin D & COVID-19 – evidence to recommend supplements

Emma (MS nurse at Beds and Northants MSTC) has pointed MS National to this article in the British Medical Journal. There are now close to 30 or so studies demonstrating that having optimal blood levels of 25(OH)-vitamin D (75-150 nmol/L) reduces COVID-19 risks: reduced risk of infection; reduced risk of severe disease; reduced risk of dying.Many researchers now regard the evidence as ‘overwhelming’. There is little to be lost (vitamin D supplements are inexpensive and have low risk of toxicity) and a huge amount to gain by recommending a decent daily dose of vitamin D3 (say 1-2,000 IU for children and 4-5,000 IU for adults).

Shopping online?

Thank you to everyone for raising donations for Multiple Sclerosis Therapy Centre Oxfordshire with #easyfundraising!

If you haven’t signed up yet, it’s easy and completely FREE. 4,400 shops and sites will donate to us when you use easyfundraising to do your everyday online shopping – at no extra cost to you!

Every donation you raise makes a difference to us so please sign up & share today


David Harsant started back at the centre on Thursday 5th.  He has is a manual therapist trained in Osteopathic technique.  He will be here every Thursday.  He has plenty of slots available to book, so let’s get him some appointments in.

Oxygen Sessions

As you know we are running at half capacity, so only 3 people per session. 

If you cannot make the session please give at least 24hrs notice, if possible.

Over the last few sessions people have cancelled on the mornings and one day I was left with just 1 person in the chamber. 

Our volunteers travel in from a distance and give up their time for free to run these sessions.  We are very short of volunteers and putting on extra sessions to accommodate demand. 

Please try your best to attend. 

Donations for cancelled sessions are welcomed in these difficult times where fundraising has been impossible.

We are open during November lockdown

Based on advice from the National MS Therapy Centre (see link below), we remain open during the current November lockdown.

Entry Procedure during the Covid-19 pandemic

  • Member to arrive at the centre and ring the doorbell.  The door will be locked. 
  • Your temperature will be taken before you enter the building and you will be asked to confirm you have no symptoms 
  • Use hand sanitiser outside the main door BEFORE entering the building 
  • Members should wear a mask that you can either bring with you, or they are available at the centre.  The centre masks are CE Certified masks, Type IIR
  • Bring in your own water and container 
  • No socialising at all, so no tea/coffee/biscuits 
  • Do not bring anyone else with you unless necessary, if you do they will need to wait in the car. 

MS Centres to remain open

MS Centres to remain open, see note below from Frank Sudlow from MS National Therapy Centre. 

Obviously if you have any symptoms please ring us and do not come in. 

We will continue with our new protocols of wearing masks, taking temperature, therapists wearing PPE etc. 

Any concerns please ring us.

Note from Frank Sudlow, National MS Therapy Centre, Oct 2020

Provided we continue to observe the protocols we have developed and shared, Centres can all remain open.

Is my centre allowed to be open?

Our research of Covid-19 related documentation has not identified any recommendations or legal bar to centres being open for therapies.  Not now, or at any time during the pandemic.  Furthermore, there is ample provenance for centres continuing to provide therapies;

  • Such health related provision is an essential service (World Health Organisation NIS, Annex II)
  • Our therapy centres are not included in any list of businesses or facilities that must close or are subject to baseline/key measures (HM Government Covid-19 Guidance)
  • Citizens, other than those subject to isolation, are permitted to leave home for the purposes of healthcare (ditto)
  • MSNTC continuing research confirms that those with MS suffer health deterioration when access to therapies is not available
  • Public Health England recognises the important role of the Third Sector in addressing NHS inequalities in response to the pandemic (PHE).  Their equivalent bodies in Wales and Scotland say the same.
  • The NHS across Great Britain are actively seeking to remobilise recovery and rehabilitation services, for which our centres perform an active role.