AGM meeting code and password



Due to the unusual circumstances again this year and social distance measures the AGM will take place via a zoom* meeting on:

Thursday 10th June, 2.30pm

The code is 718 389 8662

Password: OMSTC (uppercase)

*If you need to know how to access Zoom, contact Sue in September, if you do not have a speaker or microphone on your PC, you can use your phone.

Nominations and seconders are requested for a max of 10 Committee members.  They must be emailed to Sue at ms.therapy@btconnect BEFORE the meeting.

(Nominations can only be accepted for paid up members and can only be made by paid up members.)

The Officers of the Company will be elected from the Committee Members

They will consist of :   a Chair, a Treasurer and a Secretary

If you are unable to attend the meeting to vote you may appoint a proxy to vote for you. 

MS Society have launched their new forum

Over the last few years, the MS Society has been asking for feedback on how they can improve our forum. This is to make sure they can give you the best experience possible.

Thanks to your feedback, they have been able to create the perfect space to support, share, and connect with like-minded people in the MS community.  Read on.

Introducing Octopus – the world’s first multi-arm, multi-stage trial for MS

There are now over a dozen licensed disease modifying therapies (DMTs) for people with relapsing MS, and some emerging for early active progressive MS. But to help people at every stage of MS, we need to stop MS from progressing.

Currently, all available DMTs target the immune system. To truly stop MS getting worse, we also need treatments that protect nerves from damage and repair lost myelin.

Now, after years of planning, our ambition to speed up clinical trials for progressive MS is becoming a reality. With recruitment starting later this year, Octopus will provide a smarter way of testing potential MS drugs. This could deliver life-changing new treatments up to three times faster.  Read on.


Advance Notice:
AGM, Thursday 10th June at 2.30pm, via Zoom (code and password to follow)

Updated member procedures from 12th April, Covid.

Procedures for ALL therapies commencing 12th April 2021

  • Arrive at the centre and ring the doorbell by the front door, DO NOT ENTER the building.  If someone else is waiting, wait at the bottom of the ramp until the walkway is clear AND KEEP A 2 METRE DISTANCE AT ALL TIMES
  • Someone will come to the front door and take your temperature and ask you to confirm you have no symptoms of Covid19.
  • Before entering the centre, use the automatic hand sanitiser to the right of the front door. If this is not working use the one on the desk in reception.
  • You are required to wear a mask that you can either bring with you, or make a donation for one provided at the centre.  (Centre masks are CE Certified masks, Type IIR)
  • You can bring a carer to help you into the centre, if this is necessary, but request that they do not stay, but remain contactable.


MONDAY 10am, TUESDAY 10am and 11.30am, THURSDAY 10am, FRIDAY 10am (and some Wednesdays at 10am)

  • IF YOU ARRIVE EARLY PLEASE WAIT IN YOUR CAR.    When your temperature has been taken you need to go STRAIGHT into the chamber with your mask on.  THERE SHOULD BE NO CHATTING IN THE CHAMBER.  Bring your own water and container and take home to wash.  Bring your own blanket/hot water bottle if required and take home.
  • We will only be able to accommodate 3 people per oxygen session due to social distancing at sitting positions 1,3,5 or 2,4,6
  • Keep your paper mask on until pressurisation of tank reaches half way, the operator will tell you when this is.  Masks must be kept on until the end of the session/or until it is hard to breath then remove oxygen mask and put on paper mask.
  • It is your responsibility to sanitise your OWN masks AT HOME using soap and water, make sure you dry properly and remember to bring to each session. 
  • After the session volunteers will completely sanitise the chamber using wipes, this includes door handles, chair, chair arms etc.
  • Oxygen pipes will be sterilised after every session


  • Bring your own towel AND gown/blanket as required.
  • DO NOT HANG AROUND IN RECEPTION, TURN UP AT YOUR APPOINTMENT TIME, there will be no sitting in reception.  Leave the centre straight away.

Other relevant notes:

  • If you feel unwell you should not come in and if you feel unwell within 2 weeks of being at the centre you will need to tell us promptly
  • We can now take payments by card (only available if someone at reception desk) OR payments can be made by bank transfer(ask for details)
  • MS Patients will get priority over appointments
  • No socialising AT ALL, so no tea/coffee/biscuits, sorry ☹
  • You should leave the centre immediately after your appointment.
  • Everyone should sanitise the toilet after each use, using the sanitising spray in the toilet and paper towel, then dispose of in the bin (NOT DOWN THE TOILET)
  • There is also 5 litre hand sanitiser on the reception table
  • These procedures are constantly changing, so please read them if they are sent to you again as they may have been updated.

Free to a good home

Levo   Type:  COMBI/XL/50/52

Bought around 2007. 

Needs new batteries as it has not been charged for some time. Serviced occasionally in the earlier years.

All instructions for the wheelchair and the charger are available.

Contact Centre for any more information.

Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine: Under 30 and live with someone with MS?

On 7 April, the government vaccine advisers (the JCVI) announced new advice for people aged 18-30 who don’t have an underlying condition (such as MS). This could include family, partners or carers of people with MS. 

If these people are going for their first jab, they should be offered an alternative to the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine, when possible. 

This is because of extremely rare side effects of blood clots. 

If you’re due for your second Oxford-AstraZeneca jab, the JCVI says you should still have it, even if you’re under 30 and have no underlying conditions. There have been no cases of blood clots reported after the second jab. 

The chances of having a blood clot after the first dose of the AstraZeneca vaccine are very small, and a link between the vaccine and the blood clots hasn’t been proven. But they’ve been reported in about 4 people in every 1 million who’ve had this vaccine. 

The JCVI has not given the new advice for people under 30 because they are likely to develop blood clots. They are taking a very cautious approach and weighing up the small risk of blood clots against the benefits of taking the vaccine.

For people with underlying conditions, they say the benefits of the vaccine outweigh the risk.

People under 30 without underlying conditions are less at risk from COVID-19 complications. So the JCVI has decided that at the moment they should be offered an alternative vaccine where possible.  Read more information here.

Ofatumumab licensed for active relapsing-remitting MS in UK

Ofatumumab is a disease-modifying therapy (DMT) that works by targeting a type of immune cell called a B cell.  It is the first self-administered B-cell targeting therapy to be licensed in the UK.

After initial guidance from a healthcare professional, ofatumumab can be self-injected at home. The licence is based on the results of two Phase III clinical trials, called ASCLEPIOS, which compared ofatumumab to treatment with another existing DMT, teriflunomide (also called Aubagio).

Ofatumumab demonstrated a significant reduction in the number of relapses as compared to teriflunomide. Read on.

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All therapies are open again from next Monday 12th April. 

The gym needs to be booked as social distancing is still in place.

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