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Presenting Enable Magazine
July-August issue

The UK’s leading disability and lifestyle title

Introducing the July-August issue of Enable magazine.
We’re so excited to share this issue with you and your network.


This issue, we get in gear with racing star Billy Monger as he takes on new challenges alongside some of the biggest names from Team GB. It’s normal to feel nervous about returning to social situations, especially if you or a loved one has been shielding. A charity and someone experiencing social anxiety share their advice.

After an estimated rise of more than 4.6 million unpaid carers during the pandemic, voices from the community share what needs to change in social care. Plus, we look at the importance of taking a break, highlighting some of the best staycation spots the UK has to offer. All of this and much more in the latest issue of Enable Magazine.

MS Society Information Webinar – Challenging preconceptions of MS

Next week the MS Society will be hosting a new topic in their Information Webinar series.

MS is often misunderstood, and for many people talking about MS can be challenging. Their Information Webinar is a chance to learn how to deal with other people’s preconceptions about MS and ways to manage this.

It will take place on Wednesday 14 July at 7pm and you can find out more at https://mssoc.uk/3y6Dudc

Second hand Reviber Mini Exercise Bike

We have been donated a second hand Reviber Mini Exercise Bike.  The Reviber Mini Bike is intended to be used for training arm muscles, and training leg muscles while seated. The Mini Exercise Bike is designed for private, home use. They are currently selling for £99.  If anyone is interested in it please would you speak to Sue and make a sensible donation.  The manual is available.

Procedures for ALL therapies commencing 19th July

 Arrive at the centre and ring the doorbell by the front door,

someone will come and take your temperature and ask you to

confirm you have no symptoms of Covid19.

 Use the automatic hand sanitiser as you come in by the bookcase

on the left. If this is not working use the one on the desk in


 Masks are not compulsory, but are advised.

 Socialising is now allowed and you are welcome to stay for tea,


 Extra cleaning and sterilisation will continue throughout the

centre including therapists rooms, oxygen chamber, toilets etc.

 Please continue to bring your own towel and gown/blanket as


If you feel unwell you should not come in and if you feel

unwell within 2 weeks of being at the centre you will

need to tell us promptlyMember procedures covid commencing 19 June 21.docOpen with Google DocsPage 1 of 1 


Many thanks for the cheque from Sutton Courtenay WI for the cheque for £400. 

Pictured: Margaret Hamilton, President and Yvonne Hastings, Vice President and MS Member.

New fatigue guide from the MS International Federation

The MS International Federation’s (MSIF) International Resource Group, from MS Australia, MS Society UK and ARSEP Foundation resources have put together a new guide about MS fatigue. 

MS fatigue is one of the most common MS symptoms and one of the hardest to manage. 

MS fatigue is not only difficult to define but it is an invisible symptom (in other words, others can’t see it). This can make it difficult to understand or explain to others who may interpret it in the wrong way. It is often described as heavy tiredness (lassitude), general weakness or lack of energy but for some, it may be described as total exhaustion.

The reality is that every definition is correct because the experience is subjective and everyone experiences MS fatigue differently. Fatigue in people with MS is complex but the added burdens of worry about COVID-19, the stresses of isolation and consequential lack of exercise is making the problem worse for many people.

The guide is packed full of tips for managing MS fatigue, including exercises you can do at home and a fatigue diary.

It comes in eight languages and you can download it from the MSIF website here: https://www.msif.org/resource/fatigue-an-invisible-symptom-of-ms

Electric Wheel Chair for Sale

Purchased brand new on 11.03.2021 and only used a handful of times.

So it is in brilliant condition!

£2200 or sensible offers. Purchased new £2895.

All paperwork available to see including: Sales receipt Servicing department information sheet. Get wise to using electric scooters and wheel chairs info sheets. Get wise to getting more form your battery info sheets. Owners manual. Product specifications sheet. Consumer safety guide. Product insert information. Basic operating instructions manual. PDI check sheet for power chairs. Keyless locking quick reference guide.

Please contact Centre Manager, Sue.