Not all disabilities are visible

Wearing the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower discreetly indicates to people around the wearer including staff, colleagues and health professionals that they need additional support, help or a little more time. Since its launch in 2016, it has now been adopted globally by major airports and venues and in the UK, by many supermarkets, railway and coach stations, leisure facilities, the NHS, a number of police, fire and ambulance services, and an increasing number of small and large businesses and organisations.  Find out more here.

Accessible garden design advice

Accessible garden design advice from Mark Lane, BBC Gardeners’ World presenter and wheelchair user.

“As a garden designer, I love the process of pulling together ideas, drawing up concepts, creating planting plans and selecting materials to use. I trained to become a garden/landscape designer; but I completely understand that faced with a blank canvas, an overgrown garden or downsizing to a patio, terrace or balcony can feel daunting.

If you love gardening but your body is starting to ache in areas that never ached before, you find yourself needing to use a walking frame, stick or wheelchair, or are keen to future-proof your home and garden, then what should be a wonderful creative past-time can turn into a nightmare of a project.”  Read on. 

How did you sleep last night?

Poor sleep is common in people with multiple sclerosis, with about 50% of people with MS reported to experience some form of sleep disturbance. Despite this being well known, sleep disorders are under-diagnosed and under-treated in people with MS.

Poor sleep quality and quantity can impact daily life, causing daytime sleepiness, decreased concentration and memory, worsening depression, and the inability to work effectively. A lack of sleep can also lead to low energy levels or make pain,  fatigue, and other symptoms of MS much worse.

The types of sleep problems that you may experience include difficulty falling asleep, difficulty maintaining sleep (such as waking up during the night or not being able to fall back asleep immediately) and early awakening.  Read on.

Podcasts from the MS Trust

Source MS Trust: Listen to Breaking it down.

Covering all aspects of life with multiple sclerosis, our podcast features a combination of expert advice and real-life experiences from people with MS. Listen to Breaking it down – A multiple sclerosis podcast now via Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Amazon Music and Google Podcasts.   Find out more here. 

Why do our brains stop repairing myelin as we get older?

Source MS Society: A new study has discovered a specific gene plays a major role in myelin repair becoming less effective as we age.

To stop MS from getting worse, we need to find ways to repair damaged myelin – the protective coating around nerves in our brains.

Although our bodies have the natural ability to repair myelin, this process breaks down in MS. Recently, researchers have discovered that ageing is a key cause of this breakdown. But they aren’t sure exactly why.

A new study published this week has started unravelling what happens to cause the natural myelin repair process to stop working properly when we get older.  Read on here.

JJ (living with MS) shares her experience of getting the COVID-19 vaccine

Source MS Society: I was in two minds about getting the COVID-19 vaccine.

Like many of us with MS, I had a lot of questions about COVID-19 vaccines. I ended up deciding to get the Oxford AstraZeneca vaccine and wanted to share a bit about how it went.

A bit about me and my MS

My government name is Janade, but please, we’re all friends so call me, JJ.

I’ve spent most of this lockdown trying to rebuild my strength and perfect more plant-based dishes. I’m also a very proud cat and plant mum.

I was diagnosed with relapsing-remitting MS when I was 17. On a good day the fatigue, poor coordination and body aches can really slow down my day. On a bad day my body feels like I’ve been on a bender all week. Which wouldn’t be so bad if that was actually the case.  Read on. 


What3words has given every three metre square of the world a unique combination of three words.  Used for e-commerce and delivery, navigation, emergencies and more, it uses the geocode system for the communication of locations, encoding coordinates into three dictionary words which are predefined.  The MS Therapy Centre combination is:  //referral.warm.lushly   

Milton Park News

Park News (16)
Happy Spring! Welcome to March’s newsletter celebrating our brilliant community and all the latest news. See our brand new Milton Park bus liveries, take part in our Returning to Workplace 2 survey with a chance to win £400 for a charity of your choice, catch-up on what our customers have been up to, and enter to win an Empiribox science box for your local school. With best wishesThe Milton Park team
Thames Travel unveils Milton Park branded buses
The fleet of new Thames Travel and Milton Park buses are unveiled outside 95 Park Drive at Milton Park
We’re so excited to see our three new Thames Travel/Milton Park branded bus liveries. You can now travel to and from Oxford every 30 minutes, and with annual bus travel between Didcot and the Park at a subsidised £20 per year, you can travel to work more comfortably, sustainability and economically. Read the full story >
Making your return to the workplace that bit easier
MEPC Milton Park in Oxfordshire aerial June 2020
For those people who have been working from home, if you’re thinking about returning to the Park over the next few months, we have been busy putting in place new initiatives to make life that little bit easier. Here we give a quick round-up so you know what to expect. Read the full story >
Find your company’s what3words address
shutterstock_1500924461 (1)
Have your found your company’s what3word square? We’re asking all companies on the Park to choose their own what3words square to be displayed in our new website’s Who’s Here company directory. Read the full story >
Bike2Work breakfasts are back!
Screenshot 2021-03-10 at 21.33.33
Starting again in April, on the first Wednesday of every month, our popular Bike2Work breakfasts are back. If you cycle to work, you will receive a free take away breakfast with a hot or cold drink from Café Metro, courtesy of Milton Park. Find our more >
Take part in our Returning to Workplace 2 survey and win £400 for a charity of your choice
We would be very grateful if you can take just a few minutes to let us know your views to help us with our planning via this brief survey. Plus we will donate £200 to a charity of your choice if you are drawn at random from the respondents. We will double that donation to £400 if we get more than 1,000 responses to this survey, so please do encourage your colleagues to take part! Thank you. Take part now >
Win an Empiribox science box for your local school
shutterstock_665608819 (2)
To celebrate British Science Week, we have teamed up with Park-based Empiribox to give away on primary school science lesson box to a local Oxfordshire school. Find out how to enter >
Emergex Vaccines expands at Milton Park
Screenshot 2021-03-09 at 11.53.59
Emergex Vaccines, which focuses on the development of synthetic T-cell vaccines against global infectious disease threats such as COVID-19, Dengue fever, Zika, Ebola and pandemic Flu, has expanded. Read the full story >
Customer news
1. Immunocore’s US IPO. Proceeds from their NASDAQ IPO will be used to advance its lead product. Read more via Immuncore’s website here2. Tokamak Energy applies magnet tech outside fusion energy in Swiss deal. Tokamak has entered into a Collaboration and License Agreement with Switzerland-based Paul Scherrer Institute for the use of Tokamak Energy’s proprietary non-insulated high temperature superconducting (HTS) magnet technology for use in PSI’s accelerator and beam line applications. Read more via Business & Innovation Magazine here3. Ipsens’ John Chaddock on making neurotoxins a priority for healthcare systems. Read his interview with Pharmaphorum. 4. Isansys Lifecare named as one of the UK’s top digital health exporters. Read more via Isansys’ website here. 5. Eden Research’s financial results update and news of its collaboration with Milton Park-based Corteva. Read more via Business & Innovation Magazine here. 6. New paediatric study concludes continuous wireless monitoring of infant sleep state at home is a promising alternative to current methods due to portability and access to high-resolution data. Read more via Isansys’ website here. 7. Oxford Immunotec releases Covid test. Read more via Oxford Immunotec’s website here. 8. Vertex to begin phase 1/2 trial of treatment for people with type 1 diabetes. Read more via Vertex’s website here. If you have any news that you would like featured in April’s enewsletter, please email 
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