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Hand-made cards

We have a selection of hand-made cards for £1 each hand-made by Fiona Davies (Alan’s wife).  They cost £1 each.  Please feel free to browse and leave your money with a receptionist/therapist letting them know what it’s for.

For auction

For auction: month membership to the Park club round of golf at Drayton Park Golf club for up to 4 people (worth £86) If you would like to make me a bid for one/both of these please, email me before next Friday 

100 club winners September

100 club winners September: No 4: Julia GowerNo 6: Sue DoranNo 27 John Day Please ask reception if you are interested in joining our 100 club, it’s just £5 a month.

Sad News

Sad news.  Ian (John) MacKay, our physiotherapy for many years,  sadly passed away on Friday 23rd August.  Ian started working at the centre in April 1976 and only retired a few years ago.  His health deteriorated over the last year and after falling and breaking his hip a few month ago and getting an infection, he… Read more »

McTimoney Chiropractic Care

Natalie our chiropractor has been here nearly 6 months now.  She is looking to extend her hours and is now available from 10am, every Thursday. Whilst chiropractic cannot halt or reverse MS, it can offer symptomatic relief of pain which comes from wheelchair use, trauma from falls and altered posture. Treatments can take place either… Read more »

MS Nurse visit

No appointments have yet been booked for Sue Barnden.  She is at the centre all day on Thursday 26th September, and you can book a 45 mins slot.  This is the first time she has been twice in one year, I do hope we can make her visit worthwhile.  Please contact the centre for appointments.

100 club winners for July

100 club winners for July: 1st – Linda Tierney 2nd – Sue Doran 3rd – Steve Lewis Sharing a prize fund of: £77.50 You got to be in it to win it!!  Speak to Sue for an application form, only £5 a month!