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Support for disabled people to address the cost of living crisis

You may have seen that the Chancellor recently announced a £15 billion package of targeted government support to help with the rising cost of living. This includes support for disabled people and people on benefits.  The Chancellor announced the following measures, which the UK government say will target support for the most vulnerable: All households… Read more »

Enable Magazine: Presenting the May/June issue

Presenting Enable MagazineMay-June issue The UK’s leading disability and lifestyle title Introducing the May-June issue of Enable Magazine.We’re so excited to share this issue with you and your network. This issue, we’re marking Carers Week by highlighting four unpaid carers’ unique experiences. Caring can come in many different forms including becoming a foster carer: we learn about the path… Read more »

Council tax reductions for disabled people

If you meet certain conditions, you can get a reduction of one council tax band on your bill each year. For example, a Band D property will be charged Band C. Look on your council website for more information. VAT on some building works and adaptations for disabled people Certain types of building works and… Read more »

Dr Terry Wahls: Improving MS with Diet

Multiple sclerosis (MS), is an auto-immune condition affecting more than 1 million Americans.And like other autoimmune conditions, it it’s becoming more prevalent.The role of genetics in MS is not significant.Lifestyle choices however may play important roles in regulating the immune system, and therefore should certainly be looked at as it relates to this and other… Read more »

Charity Craft Fair

Charity Craft Fair, Saturday 9th April 10am-3pm, Didcot Civic Hall, 50p entry on the day, under 12’s free.  All profits going to Pet Pals and Oxfordshire Animal Sanctuary.  Our lovely Nandi Ablett will have a craft stall there.

Clocks spring forward this weekend

Don’t forget the clocks spring forward an hour this weekend on Sunday 27 March.  The bad news is we lose an hour of sleep but we do get more daylight (and hopefully sunshine) going forward. 

Enable Magazine: Introducing the March/April issue

Presenting Enable MagazineMarch-April issue The UK’s leading disability and lifestyle title Introducing the March-April issue of Enable Magazine.We’re so excited to share this issue with you and your network. Inside this issue, artist and now Enable cover star Sophie Morgan gives us a unique insight into the process of writing her new memoir: Driving Forwards. We learn how carers can… Read more »

Temelimab: Early clinical trial suggests potential for remyelination

Results from an early-stage clinical trial suggest that temelimab may promote remyelination and prevent loss of nerve cells. Information from the MS Trust website:  “The study in brief Current disease modifying drugs can reduce damage to myelin but can’t stop it completely or repair damage that has already happened. Laboratory studies have indicated that a potential… Read more »