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New assisted travel lounge at Reading station officially opened

The assisted travel lounge at Reading station was formally opened at a special event Wednesday 29 September.  The travel lounge, which aims to provide a safe, calm and pleasant space for passengers with disabilities and reduced mobility to wait for their train, was officially opened at a special ribbon cutting event attended by representatives from… Read more »


The MS Society has been raising awareness of problems with balance and feeling dizzy which are common in MS. Like all MS symptoms, these issues affect people differently and vary from day to day. Find out more about MS and Balance on the MS Society website here: Did you know that both physiotherapy and… Read more »

Whisper TV is looking for homeowners who, due to life changing events, need to turn their homes into more practical and liveable spaces

We have been contacted by Carys Marchant from Whisper TV with a request:  I am a Casting Researcher at production company Whisper TV and we are currently casting a non-broadcast pilot for ITV looking for families who are about to start work on a project which involves them adapting their homes due to a change in… Read more »

Enable Magazine September-October issue

Presenting Enable MagazineSeptember-October issue The UK’s leading disability and lifestyle title Introducing the September-October issue of Enable magazine.We’re so excited to share this issue with you and your network. Documenting memories is an important step with many conditions. Find out how Janis Winehouse is fighting MS and preserving her daughter Amy’s legacy with a new documentary. As the world reopens the… Read more »

Information webinar – Cognition and my MS

Like other symptoms of MS, cognitive symptoms vary greatly from person to person. The MS Society will be running a webinar tore It will take place online on Thursday 16 September at 7pm. Not everyone who has MS will experience problems with memory and thinking, but mild difficulties are common. Cognition refers to memory and thinking…. Read more »

Enable Magazine July-August

I want to thank you for your continued support in sharing Enable Magazine and helping us to reach the people who need it most. We’re so excited to send you the latest issue of the magazine: the July-August issue. It would be wonderful if you could share this with your network. The team at Enable are always… Read more »

Masters research questionnaire

We are Human Nutrition MSc students from Oxford Brookes University and my team and I are interested in how COVID-19 and lockdown may have impacted on diet and other lifestyle behaviours.  Due to the limited research to date we are starting our research from a very fresh view. I am emailing you because we have… Read more »

Bladder care is self care

The MS team at the Queen Mary University of London, Barts and The London School of Medicine and Dentistry puts together the MS Blog. They have regular posts looking at the latest MS research and, most importantly, putting the information in understandable English! This week they have looked at some of the bladder problems that many people with MS experience…. Read more »