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MS Society webinar: Menopause and MS – 3 October

At the start of World Menopause Month, the MS Society welcome back Dr Laura Jarvis.  Date: Monday 3 October Time: 6.30pm This session will provide you with information and guidance on how the menopause may affect you, as there are a vast range of symptoms associated with it. It will also provide you with what options… Read more »

Henley MS Support Group lunches

We previously had a satellite group in Henley, the Henley MS Support Group, based at Brunner Hall in Henley.  This physio service has now moved online, but the group still meet socially for lunch on the third Wednesday of every month and everyone is welcome to come along. The lunches are organised by Maddie and… Read more »

MS UK Online session – Walking with MS Masterclass – 26 August

Many people with MS have difficulties when walking for various reasons, whether this is due to balance issues, sensory problems with foot placement, catching the foot as they step or experiencing weakness in the leg muscles. The masterclass will look at how you can identify these areas and demonstrate how to improve the different components… Read more »

ChariotMS Trial for people with advanced MS

Can cladribine slow worsening of arm and hand function in people with advanced MS? The ChariotMS Trial is currently testing if a drug called Cladribine can slow down the worsening of hand and arm function for people with more advanced progressive MS. There are currently no disease modifying therapies available for people with MS who… Read more »

MS-UK Information Session – Posture and core exercise

This information session with Dr Gretchen Hawley (Physical Therapist and Multiple Sclerosis certified specialist) will focus on the importance of good posture and the link with core strength. Focusing first on posture, Dr Hawley will take a look on how improving common postural holding patterns in standing and sitting results in better function for daily activities… Read more »

Posture and MS

Poor posture is a common problem for people with multiple sclerosis. The MS Trust website has some very useful web pages which explain what posture is all about, why good posture is so important and suggest some practical steps to improve your posture in everyday situations. They look at good and bad posture in standing, sitting… Read more »