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New study provides strong evidence for role of Epstein Barr virus as a trigger for Multiple Sclerosis

Source MS Trust: New research has provided the strongest evidence yet that infection with the Epstein Barr virus (EBV) acts as a trigger for people to develop MS. Researchers in the United States made use of a series of blood samples collected from more than 10 million military personnel. They determined EBV status at the time the first… Read more »

MS-UK Webinar: Seated exercise – getting the best from exercise in sitting

Join MS-UK for their last online information session of the year on Monday 20 December at 2pm. Dr Gretchen will be showing how to use seated positions for exercise as an advantage and making it a challenging alternative to standing. Sounds the perfect accompaniment to our seated classes! It will focus on seated exercises, demonstrating how using… Read more »

How could DWP improve health assessments for PIP and ESA?

How could DWP improve health assessments for PIP and ESA? We are sure there are some strong opinions on this! MPs want to hear your experiences of applying for PIP and ESA. There is more information about the survey by clicking here .   This survey is for people who have had an assessment to claim Personal Independence Payment… Read more »

MS and Covid-19: Two new treatments available from mid-December

The government has announced that people with MS in the UK will be eligible for one of two new treatments if they catch COVID-19. Currently, treatments are only available for people already in hospital. This is taken from the MS Society website: We have several vaccines doing an incredible job protecting people from COVID-19. But… Read more »

Do you struggle remembering things?

“I forget where I have put things.” Sound familiar?  We all forget where we have put things at times, and this may get worse when stressed or tired. Keeping track of all of our actions and decisions can be tough but the MS Trust Staying Smart resources are here to help. The MS Trust has got tips on how… Read more »

Omicron Covid Variant update

In response to the new Omicron variant of coronavirus, The MS Society has updated their information on: What we already know about the new variant Vaccines, booster jabs and how you can manage risk from COVID-19 Changes we want to see for people with MS More info: If you feel unwell at all, please do… Read more »

Ask the expert: speech problems

Some people with MS may experience problems with their speech. This can include slurred speech, poor voice quality and difficulty remembering words. These problems can be frustrating and, at times, can result in distressing experiences. The MS Trust spoke to speech and language therapist, Suzanne Buckley to find out what causes these problems and learn about some… Read more »

Looking for something to listen to?

The MS Trust has their own series of podcasts covering a range of topics. If you’re not sure where to start, here are our top five most popular episodes: Mobility problems and aids in MS Will asks the expert about balance and dizziness Can exercise help my MS? Will asks the expert about pain Talking… Read more »

New study shows link between smoking and MS

New research into the impact of smoking on multiple sclerosis (MS) has found that quitting smoking may cause a slowing of mobility deterioration to match the rate of progression in people who’ve never smoked. Previous studies have shown that smoking can make MS worse. It’s associated with a faster accumulation of disability and could accelerate… Read more »