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UK to test existing drugs as treatment for MS in world-first trial

Doctors in the UK are to launch a world-first clinical trial to assess whether drugs already on the market can prevent multiple sclerosis (MS) from worsening over time and even reverse the disabilities it causes. The groundbreaking Octopus trial, so named because of its various arms, will allow researchers to investigate the potential benefits of… Read more »

Staying Smart

Staying Smart is for people who want to learn more about how MS can affect thinking. Not everyone with MS will experience cognitive difficulties. But for those who do, information can be hard to find. “Cognition” is the general word that covers all aspects of thinking. It includes memory, concentration and planning. Cognition problems in everyday… Read more »

How did you sleep last night?

Poor sleep is common in people with multiple sclerosis, with about 50% of people with MS reported to experience some form of sleep disturbance. Despite this being well known, sleep disorders are under-diagnosed and under-treated in people with MS. Poor sleep quality and quantity can impact daily life, causing daytime sleepiness, decreased concentration and memory, worsening depression,… Read more »

Podcasts from the MS Trust

Source MS Trust: Listen to Breaking it down. Covering all aspects of life with multiple sclerosis, our podcast features a combination of expert advice and real-life experiences from people with MS. Listen to Breaking it down – A multiple sclerosis podcast now via Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Amazon Music and Google Podcasts.   Find out more here. 

The benefits of gardening when you have MS

Source MS Trust: As the sun begins to make more regular appearances, there’s no denying that brighter days are on their way. Spring is the perfect time to spend some quality time pottering about in the garden, but when you have MS, the physical nature of weeding, planting, pruning and alike means there may be some… Read more »

Mindfulness-based interventions for mental well-being among people with MS

An interesting study on mindfulness-based interventions for mental well-being among people with multiple sclerosis. Source BMJ Journals:  Conclusions.  A substantial body of RCT evidence now exists supporting the use of Mindfulness-based interventions (MBIs) in PwMS to improve mental well-being. Study quality is improving, but the significant scope for improvement still exists in study design and reporting…. Read more »

Scotland first in UK to approve ‘take at home’ MS drug

Source BBC: A new treatment for patients with multiple sclerosis has been approved by the Scottish Medicines Consortium (SMC). Zeposia has been developed for adult patients with relapsing-remitting MS, where the patient has flare-ups followed by periods of remission. It is a treatment option which may reduce the need to have treatment administered in a clinical… Read more »

Memory and MS

“I can’t seem to concentrate and lose my train of thought” Can you relate to this? Problems maintaining your concentration can be common for people with MS. This can make it hard to follow a good book, or a film. You may find situations with a lot of people difficult, or find that you lose track following… Read more »