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MS Community Survey

A survey is currently being conducted by three professors including Gavin Giovanniat Plymouth University.We would be really grateful if you would complete this 3-minute survey gatheringopinions of the MS community.The survey relates to opportunities for MS development.The purpose of this survey, which is being distributed widely, is to establish whetherthere is consensus within the community… Read more »

MS-UK Online

Level one (11-11:30am) will focus on exercises in seated, for those with trunk(core) weakness and limited upper limb movementLevel two (11:45am – 12:15pm) for those who can transfer independently butmay require assistance or the use of a walking aidLevel three (12:30 – 1pm) for those who mobilise independently with minimalimpairmentLevel one (11:15am – 12pm) exercises… Read more »

Do you have symptoms that only last a few seconds?

In MS paroxysmal symptoms describe symptoms that come on very suddenly, lasting only a few seconds or minutes before disappearing just as quickly. The information below comes from the MS Trust. Click on the hyperlinks (the blue writing) and you will visit their website page on the topic. Many symptoms of MS can come on… Read more »

Come and tell the MS Trust your views

A message from national charity, the MS Trust: If you live with MS, or love or care for someone with MS, the MS Trust would like to hear from you! The MS Trust is keen to hear from all people who have MS in their lives, to understand how our information and services can better… Read more »

Kadeena Cox speaks out about people questioning her disability

Britain’s Paralympic gold medallist Kadeena Cox, who has MS, says living with hidden disabilities can feel like “fighting a losing battle” because of negative reactions from people. She says people have accused her of “faking” her disability and questioned why she is using blue badge parking. Cox was speaking after new research by Bupa, Paralympics… Read more »

MS-UK Online session – Getting the best from exercise in sitting – Monday 24 October

This information session from Dr Gretchen Hawley will focus on seated exercises, demonstrating how using a seated position to practise exercises can be a good alternative to standing. Date: Monday 24 October Time: 2pm to 3pm The session is for everyone, so whether you want to add variation to your current exercise routine and perform… Read more »

MS Society Webinar: Using Meditation to Deal with Overwhelm – 10 October

10 October is World Mental Health Day and the theme this year is ‘Make mental health and wellbeing for all a global priority’. In this session we will explore how meditation can help us to solve our daily problems, particularly around feelings of being overwhelmed. Date: 10 October Time: 11am Michelle who is a trained meditation teacher… Read more »