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Functional Exercise, MS-UK webinar – 23 January

To help kick start new year exercise plans, this online seminar will be discussing what ‘functional exercise’ is and how to use this type of exercise to improve mobility and function. Dr Gretchen Hawley will explain the difference between ‘regular’ and ‘functional’ exercise and how functional exercise can help improve function and mobility for people… Read more »

Life Admin: PIP, Blue Badges and Travel, MS Society Webinar – 26 January

Have you thought about the weekly tasks you do that would be considered as Life Admin? Sorting out bills, insurances and pensions. Sometimes they can be time consuming or overwhelming. Join this Life Admin Webinar where they will be discussing Personal Independence Payment and looking at why and how you should apply. It can be… Read more »

Bladder and bowel – Management strategies and exercise – MS-UK online webinar, Mon 19 Dec

This final information session of 2022 with Dr Gretchen Hawley will focus on bladder and bowel and the physiotherapy approaches that can be used in the management of issues associated, including exercises for stretching and strengthening the pelvic floor. The session will be discussing the terms of incontinence, urgency, frequency and retention and how these… Read more »

How to cope with Christmas stress and MS

Christmas is often pictured as a time of joy and happiness. But it also brings a lot of stress and is usually very busy. When you have MS, it can affect your daily life and symptoms. Helena, from the MS Trust Information and Engagement team, explores some ideas on how to reduce Christmas stress. Read the… Read more »

Love to Move movement through dance introduction workshop – MS-UK webinar, Wed 14 Dec

MS-UK welcome Bridget Poulter who is a ‘Love to Move’ dance instructor and will be providing the opportunity to understand the benefits of movement through dance in this introduction session online. Date: Wednesday 14 December Time: 2pm to 3pm The British Gymnastic Foundation (BGF) devised Love to Move based on Japanese research on the benefits… Read more »

MS and Driving webinar: MS Society – 28 November

Join this online session with Dr. Anuraj Varshney, Programme Lead for Driving Assessment and Outdoor Mobility Education Programme. Dr. Varshney leads an ever-expanding service providing specialist clinical input and skills, he has 32 years’ experience working with patients with various physical and neurological conditions. He will discuss the medical fitness to drive assessment and how… Read more »