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Help raise funds the easy way

Did you know that whenever you buy anything online, you could be raising a free donation for Multiple Sclerosis Therapy Centre Oxfordshire? There are over 5,200 retailers including John Lewis & Partners, Argos, Uswitch, eBay, M&S, Just Eat, Now TV, Domino’s Pizza and Audible ready to give a free donation every time you shop online… Read more »

Grand job Phil

Many thanks to Phil Hicks for not only filling my empty container with lovely flowers and soil but bringing 2 more potted up containers.  They really look lovely and really brighten up the front of the building.  Grand job Phil.

True or False

From the MS Trust: ‘We live in an information age. Now more than ever before we have ready access to an enormous quantity of data about health, treatments and research – from the internet, though the press, and on social media. But how do we know who to trust and understand what all this information… Read more »

NHS ‘rapid response teams’ to help sick and older people at home.

Source The Guardian: Plan aims to relieve strain on hospitals by offering a visit within two hours. Older people and the very sick will be visited within two hours by a “rapid response team” of health and care staff under new NHS plans to relieve the strain on overcrowded hospitals. The teams will include nurses, physiotherapists, occupational… Read more »

Online Fatigue- management course

Source MS Society: This online course will help you find ways to manage your MS fatigue and explain it to other people. It’s made up of 6 sessions that should take around 20 minutes each. In between the sessions are exercises for you to do, to help you think about your own fatigue. The course works… Read more »

Where are the Severe Disability Premiums?

Source Independent Living: The Court of Appeal has recently rejected the Department for Work and Pensions’ challenge to the High Court decisions that protected claimants who received severe disability premium against a drop in income when they were moved to Universal Credit. Two disabled individuals, known as TP and AR, brought the cases when their benefit… Read more »

It’s time to look at mountain escapes with a fresh perspective.

Source Winter Sports Travel:  Making Travel Accessible.  Winter sports are becoming more accessible than ever before.  But finding the right place or activity when you’re living with a challenging condition can be tough.  Try this tool to find sports and resorts in Europe that are tailored to your needs.  Click here. 

Hospital News

Check out “Hospital News – Mon 6th Jan 2020” on Mixcloud Just a short email really, to reach out to the health and well-being community to invite them to enjoy a bike ride with disabled adults on a Friday morning at the Athletics Track.It is great fun and you will change lives.