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Enable Holidays

Enable Holidays has just one aim: to provide fantastic accessible package holidays to people with limited mobility.  Find out more here!

Thinking of Booking a Holiday in France?

  A unique concept in holidays for disabled people wanting to travel to France. Based on the pink granite coast of Brittany, on the banks of the River Jaudy in a small and very beautiful town called La Roche Derrien, we offer the comfort of modern living in a rural traditional setting, yet we are… Read more »

Carers Oxfordshire Monthly Update – May 2016

Spring has arrived at last and I am delighted to be able to update you on the latest news from Carers Oxfordshire. The new edition of ‘Care Matters’ is attached both in pdf form and as an electronic link and as always it is full of information, advice and support for carers. Inside this… Read more »

The 1MSg Campaign

Our aim is to help encourage people with multiple sclerosis (MS) to ensure they are making informed decisions about their disease-management based on the latest facts and information. To do this, we are championing the benefits of regular engagement with MS-specialist services.   Read on.

Do you need motivation?

  Dear Readers, Happy New Year (belatedly!). Will this be the year you try something new or take up a regular physical activity you enjoy? We have plenty of options for you to choose from! The latest additions to our class list (that has now topped 60 classes across Oxfordshire) can be found below. I… Read more »

ILC Newsletter February 2016

  Equipment and Information News from Guideposts Independent Living Centre Team – February 2016 New product, see the Compression Stocking section of our Resource Handbook (see the section under Clothing). A company in the UK now stock some coloured and patterned lymphedema gauntlets and gloves.  PebbleUK ( 0800 433 4757 Brief details:  Supply a… Read more »